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Sending Audio to ProTools from Maschine Standalone (Finally got it working in OSX)

Have you also been looking for a Way to use Maschine in standalone Mode, while sending individual channels to ProTools at the same Time? Can you say Sidechain Compression one Multibuss Mixing one Time? ;)

1. Preparations:

Files you need:

2. Setting up the Audio Routing:

That's probably the tuffest part about the whole mission...


2.1 Audio Routing in OSX:

  • Open "Audio-MIDI-Setup" (located under "Programs" >> "Utilities"). Should look like this:
  • Look for the "Pro Tool Aggrgate I/O" device and expand it (if it isn't in the list, create it by clicking on the "+" Button. ProTools needs to be installed on your System, of course.
  • Next, click on "Soundflower (64 ch)" 
  • Have a look at the Menu on the right called "Quelle für Clock" (aka Clock Source) and select "Soundflower (64 ch)" and select "Soundflower (64ch)" as an Input Source.

    IMPORTANT: Disable (uncheck) "Soundflower (2ch)" version, otherwise the routing is limited to only 2 channels.

2.2 Audio Setup in Maschine

  • Start Maschine and Open the "Maschine PT Standalone Demo.mprj" Project from the Zip you downloaded earlier and press Play… you should hear: nothing! That's okay!
  • Go to the Menubar and open "File" >> "Audio and MIDI Settings…" Looks like this:

  • Click on the "Audio" tab
  • Driver: select the Audio Driver of your choice. This depends on your Hardware and can differ.
  • Device: Select "Pro Tools Aggregate I/O". You've got to think of it like a virtual Mixer/Routing device with virual inputs and outputs.
  • Next, click on the "Routing" tab and then on "Outputs". It looks like this:
  • This displays all the individual Outputs of Maschine on the left.
  • On the right you can select the destination of the routing. Make sure, the Routing looks like as shown above: "Maschine Out X" >> to "Pro Tools Aggregate I/O Out X"
  • Assign all 16 Maschine Outs to the corresponding Inputs of the PT Aggregate device!
  • Click "OK" to save the settings. Now on to Pro Tools settings…

2.3 Configuring ProTools I/O Settings for receiving Audio from Maschine Outputs


In order for Pro Tools to receive Audio from the Maschine Standalone, you have to create 16 Stereo input channels which will receive Audio from the Aggregate device first. In order to do so, you have to fiddle with the I/O Settings of Pro Tools...

  • Start Pro Tools, press "Cancel" on the quick open window (or whatever it is called)
  • Click on "Setup" >> "Hardware...", select "ProTools Aggregate I/O" and click "OK"
  • Next, click on "Setup" >> "Playback Engine...", select "ProTools Aggregate I/O"  and click "OK"
  • Lastly, open "Setup" >> "I/O..." (It should read "Pro Tools Aggregate" on Top of the routing (as shown below)...

  • Next, you have to either create 16 New Routing Paths like this, by clicking on "New Path...

  • ...or you just import the existing I/O Routing file from my Template Folder called "Maschine 16 Outs.pio" by clicking on "Import Settings" in the "I/O Setup" Menu (in the left corner of the window).
  • After that, ProTools has to reload.

If you're lucky, the routing should be OK now… so let's test it!

3. Sending Audio from Maschine to Pro Tools


3.1 In ProTools: 

I created 2 different Templates for recording Maschine Outs in Pro Tools, for different Puposes.

A: If you want to use Plugins and Effects on every channel, but just want to record the Stereo Buss (Bounce), then:

  • Open the File ProTools Template "Maschine Aux Tracks.ptt" from the Zip you downloaded earlier
  • Record Enable the last and only Audio track in the Session to be able to hear Audio coming through the Speakers.

B: If you want to use Pro Plugins and Effects on every channel, but want to record every single track, then:

  • Open the File ProTools Template "Maschine Audio Tracks.ptt" from the Zip you downloaded earlier.
  • Record enable EVERY Audio track in the Session in order to hear every track from Maschine.

3.2 In Maschine Standalone:

  • Open the "Maschine PT Standalone Demo.mprj" Project from the Zip you downloaded earlier, if you haven't already.
  • Press Play. 
  • You should hear Audio in ProTools now from every channel. The Project file was especially created to send Audio to all the 16 channels so that you can test it instantly.

4. About the Routing…


4.1 Maschine:

  • Group A: Pad 1 to 16 are routed to Outs 2-9 (Mono) >> For Drums
  • Group B-H: routed through Channels 10-16 (Stereo) >> For Everything else.

4.2 ProTools: (Based on Dave Pensado-like Multi Bus Setup):


Setup A (Maschine Aux Tracks Template)

  • 16 Mono AUX Tracks (Sounds 1-16 of Group A in Maschine, Mono)
  • 8 Stereo AUX Tracks (For Maschine Groups B-H, Stereo)
  • 4 Mixbusses (All Drums, All Instruments, All Vox, All FX)
  • Master Channel
  • 1 Audio Track (For Recording the Stereo Buss)


Setup B (Maschine Audio Tracks Template)

  • 16 Mono Audio Tracks for Sounds 1-16 of Group A…
  • 1 Drum Bus (Aux)
  • 8 Stereo Tracks (assigned to Groups B to H)
  • 4 Mixbusses (All Drums, All Instruments, All Vox, All FX)
  • Master Channel
  • Print Track (For Recording Stems)



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